Welcome to Edge2ID, by Pierce Williams at Carnegie Mellon University. This is a data transformation tool for network analysts who need to convert alphanumeric strings in an edge list to the unique identifiers associated with those strings in a separate master list. The form takes two documents, a master ID library and an edge list, both as CSVs.

Upload each CSV to its place below and click "submit." You will be returned a selection window populated with the closest matches that Edge2ID has found between the names in your edge list and the names in your master ID library.

Select among the options provided for each entry. Once you've made your selections and submitted, you will be forwarded to a page displaying your new CSV for review. You can cut and paste this information from the display field, or you can select to download your new CSV file.

For contributors to the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon project, you can download your SDFB master ID library here. In your case, after you have submitted your CSVs, the selection page will include links to biographical information pages on the SDFB site next to each potential option. You can use this information to be sure you select the correct individual, including the correct “Jane Smith,” for example, when there are many possible Jane Smiths.

ID Library CSV:
Formatting: Two columns with formatted headers: Name,ID (Download Sample)

Edge List CSV:
Formatting: Two columns with formatted headers: SourceName,TargetName (Download Sample)